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Scholarships to Help Local Students

DeWitt Bank & Trust Co. has worked with several people to establish trusts to provide scholarship assistance to local students. These trust accounts are funded with almost $3 million in land and investments, and will provide scholarships for local students for years to come.

Applications must be completed, signed and submitted no later than March 1, of each calendar year. Applications are to be mailed or delivered to the Trust Department of DeWitt Bank & Trust Co., PO Box 260, 815 6th Ave., DeWitt, Iowa 52742-0260.

The Oswald and Sophia Bathalter Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Bathalter were farmers in our area that left the bulk of their estate to this scholarship fund. Any Clinton County student may apply with preference being given to students from Central Clinton Community High School and of the Catholic Faith. The scholarship, leadership and service of the applicant are considered, as well as financial need.

Guidelines Established for the Oswald and Sophia Bathalter Scholarship Trust

  • The character of the individual.
  • Other financial assistance available to individual(s) in pursuit of higher education.
  • The Decedent's desire first priority be given to individuals who are graduating seniors of Central Community School District, in the county of Clinton, State of Iowa, and that graduating students of other high schools in Clinton County, Iowa, be given second priority.
  • The Decedent's desire that special consideration is given prospective recipients who are of the Roman Catholic Faith.
  • The scholastic record of the individual.

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George M. Cromer Scholarship

George M. Cromer was a Clinton County farmer and Iowa State University graduate (class of 1917). Mr. Cromer established a scholarship that is for Central Clinton Community School District graduates with preference given to members of the First Congregational United Church of Christ, DeWitt and students who are planning to study for Christian religious work. This fund is available to post-graduate students and graduating seniors.

Guidelines for the George M. Cromer Scholarship

Recipients of the George M. Cromer scholarship fund shall be required to be residents of Clinton County, Iowa at the time of their selection to receive such benefits. Further consideration will be made as to:

  • The character of the individual
  • The intelligence of the individual, which shall be above average
  • The scholastic record of the individual

Special consideration will be given to deserving graduating students of Central Community High School, DeWitt, Iowa, who rank in the upper one-half of their graduating class, or any student who has previously graduated there from in the upper one-half of their class and who is, or plans to enroll in a college, university, religious school or seminary for the study of philosophy of religion or theology qualifying such student for the ministry, priesthood or other church-related professions as social workers, counseling service, missionaries, or any other profession in the general religious endeavors in assisting mankind and spreading the word of God. Members of the United Church of Christ of DeWitt, Iowa will be given special consideration, however the scholarship fund shall not be limited to members of this church, but also members of other churches in DeWitt.

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Mayme Bates Trust

Orville Bates created a fund to provide interest-free loans to students for ten year periods as a memorial to his wife Mayme.

Guidelines for the Mayme E. Bates Trust Application for Assistance 10-Year Interest-Free Loan

  • Applicants must reside within a five-mile radius of the corporate limits of the City of DeWitt, Iowa.
  • Applicants may receive loans from the Trust for no more than four years.
  • Applicants are required to execute a promissory note or notes for the amount or amounts paid to such beneficiary, payable ten years from the date thereof, without interest.

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Anderson Family Trust

John and Wilma Anderson and Barbara Olson of DeWitt established the Anderson Family Trust to provide scholarships to Clinton County high school graduates. Graduates of Central Clinton Community School students are given preference.

Guidelines for Applying for the Anderson Family Trust Scholarship

The application must be completed, signed and submitted no later than March 1, of each calendar year. Applications are to be mailed or delivered to the Trust Department of DeWitt Bank & Trust Co., PO Box 260, 815 6th Ave., DeWitt, Iowa 52742-0260.

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We recommend that you review all scholarships through your high school guidance counselor.

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