Account Alerts FAQs:

Q: What are account alerts?

A: Account alerts is a messaging system that provides alerts/notifications on specific transactions. Alerts can be received through online banking, email, or sms/text messaging. *Fees may apply.

Q: Do I have to be enrolled in online banking to sign up for account alerts?

A: No. If you are not currently enrolled in online banking you can contact the bank and have a customer service representative set up the account alerts for you. *Fees may apply.

Q: How do I enroll in account alerts?

A: Log into online banking, select alerts, select the type of alert from the drop down menu, click next, enter the information using the drop down boxes when available, follow the instructions regarding the timeframes, and verify the email address to receive the alert (could be a mobile email address to receive sms/text messages), click submit, then confirm.

Q: When do I receive the alerts/notification?

A: Some alerts/notifications may be received late at night or in the early morning hours.

Q: What if I receive the same alert twice?

A: There could be times where you receive the same alert twice, if you are unsure about the transaction feel free to contact the bank for clarification. (Card Activity Alert may send two separate alerts depending on how the transaction was processed by the merchant. You may receive an alert for both the pre-authorization and purchase where in most cases the transaction actually only posted to your account once).

Q: How do I stop receiving alerts?

A: Log into online banking, click the alerts tab, click the alert group which the alert relates, click the delete X next to the alert you wish to delete. You may also call the bank and request the alerts be turned off.